All You Need To Know About Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

Today’s society focuses a great deal on environmental friendly products and organic methods of preserving one’s physical and mental health. Of course, it is not always possible to use organic methods when suffering from specific medical conditions; however, there is an option that can be utilized by the majority of people with effective results.

This method is known as sauna therapy and requires the individual to spend timed sessions in a far infrared sauna.
Far infrared sauna therapyInfrared saunas are a modern take on the traditional sauna, but instead of hot coals this sauna will use heat panels to regulate heat. The use of heat panels is highly effective as it combats ailments at the body’s core.

This article will provide information on infrared sauna therapy and the benefits thereof.

The Length Of Sessions

As is mentioned above, far infrared sauna therapy requires regular timed sessions to produce positive results. Ideally, a person will utilize the sauna daily to remove all toxins from the body and increase blood circulation.

The first few sessions should last a maximum time of 30 minutes to ensure no damage will be experienced. Once an individual has become used to the environment, the session time can be increased to approximately 50 minutes.

****Always consult a medical professional to ensure that you are suited for far infrared sauna therapy.

Removing Harmful Chemicals

Human skin is an marvelous organ that can remove toxins in the body; however, this function is often underused by the average individual.

All people are exposed to harmful chemicals on a daily basis and these chemicals are absorbed into the skin via pores. The body’s natural function is to remove the excess toxins, but it is not able to complete this task independently.

The use of an infrared sauna will increase detoxification through perspiration and this leads to a removal of all chemicals in your body. This is a VERY important aspect to utilizing this technology on a regular basis.

Increasing Blood Circulation

In addition to detoxification, the use of an fir saunas can improve blood circulation. The blood vessels in a human body will expand when interacting with high temperatures, and it is this that promotes effective blood circulation. Research has shown that this effective circulation can lower high blood pressure and effectively treat individuals who suffer from cardiac medical conditions.

Effective Weight Loss

Research has indicated that better blood circulation can assist with healthy weight loss. As the heart rate increases, the body begins to experience a form of cardiovascular exercise and this will burn unwanted calories. The fat is removed from the body in the same method of detoxification: via perspiration. This is highly beneficial for individuals who need to lose weight but are unable to complete strenuous physical activity.

Many individuals now utilize far infrared saunas in order to manage their weight in a very natural environment.

Stress Relief

The sauna, irrespective of whether or not it is an infrared sauna, has always been associated with stress relief. A relaxing ‘sauna session’ has been known to promote healthy mental well-being which decreases anxiety and stress. This type of therapy has also been known to reduce feelings of depression and act as an alternative treatment to individuals suffering from clinical depression.

A Look At Some Of The Best Infrared Saunas


best infrared saunasInfrared saunas are a great way to improve your health.

These devices are in many ways superior to traditional saunas because they do not heat the ambient air, allowing them to be better tolerated.

These saunas have shown efficacy in increasing weight loss, decreasing pain, and decreasing blood pressure. There are a wide variety of models to choose from.

This article will take a look at some of the best infrared saunas available.

If you want a nice home sauna that can accommodate many people at once, consider getting a 3 Person Canadian Hemlock Wood Sauna.

Three different people can fit into this large room with ease.

A three person occupies a floor space of 59.1 inches by 39.4 inches and is 75 inches tall. This is great for having conversations with other family members while relaxing after a hard day’s work. This unit is so large that a single person can also lay down on it if he or she wants.

This particular model features eight different carbon fiber heaters which can quickly heat the bodies of those in the room to the desired temperature.

Both the exact temperature and treatment duration can be controlled with a digital panel.

Most also feature a variety of conveniences including LED lighting and a two-speaker sound system. It is pretty easy to assemble as well, as the process should not take more than 30 to 40 minutes.

I found this video. It carefully shows how to assemble a far infrared sauna from start to finish. Check it out…

For those looking for a smaller unit, a 1 Person Far infrared Sauna is an excellent choice. Its floor footprint is only 35.5 inches by 35.5 inches while its height is 75 inches. It features many of the same qualities as the three-person model mentioned above. This includes a quick setup, LED lighting, safety glass, digital controls, speaker system, and dual insulation walls to keep sweat moisture from leaking into the house. This model is usually powered by six different carbon heaters.

Really thought, the only way you would choose a 1 person is if space was an issue. Otherwise I highly recommend going with a two person as you will simply have more room. Even if you will be the only one utilizing it. It’s nice to be able to stretch out and get comfy.

For people who want a portable indoor far infrared sauna, there are several options available. Instead of being a pre-built wood room, this is a made of flexible material that can be folded over to take on the road.

One can sit down in the unit and zip the material up so that all but your head is exposed. There are also two zippers that can allow your hands to exit the enclosure so you can read a book while relaxing. The fabric that forms the enclosure is made of three layers including a satin polyester exterior, cotton mid layer, and reflective polyester inside layer.

This material is moisture resistant to keep sweat contained within the enclosure. It is powered by three carbon heaters and features five different temperature settings with a maximum setting of 150 degrees.

This is a descent choice but simply not as good as a home infrared sauna.

The above models represent great options if you are looking for the best in infrared saunas. Get yours today and start enjoying the benefits of comfortable body heat that will improve your health and well-being.